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cube2success Global
We Develop Your Business &
Online Presence & Success

From Your Startup or Mature Stage of your Company, with Experience & Expertise. Meeting your Needs, Helping You Achieve your Goals & Driving You to the TOP of a Successful Business Life

What fuels our passion

Our Vision

Creating and managing Digital Value and Success & driving your company to the top. It is time to lift your Business onto the next digital level!

Our Mission

We deliver added value to your company & brands in the areas of Modern Marketing, Business Development and Training. We contribute to lowering your Marketing & Campaigns cost & raising your revenue.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

Contact us by a quick quote first to outline your needs, intentions & objectives. We will get back to you with a quick proposal for a customized solution approach. Alternatively, you might contact us by phone, e-mail or our contact form on this web page.

cube2success-logo1With our expertise we can help you during the whole development cycle of your company and brand… creating added value for digital business life & achieving sustainable Modern Marketing results. Trust in our expert for long term partnership & you will experience a tremendous positive change in your BUSINESS SUCCESS. We can help big & small Businesses & Entrepreneurs, national & international, mature or early stage, B2B & B2C.

Online Marketing on Google AdWordsand other strong Social Media Platforms is most crucial for every company today. It comprises a set of efficient tools and methodologies for the promotion of companies, brands & people, creating a strong online appearance & authority. With Internet Marketing we can lower your marketing & advertising cost & increase your revenue & customer loyalty. Trust in our experts for long term partnership. Profit from outsourcing your Digital & Social Media Marketing & your Community Management to cube2succes Global.

Courses, Work Shops & Webinars: cube2success’ experts organize a number of workshops, seminars & webinars for transferring their knowledge, experience & expertise in Modern Marketing, Startups& Business Development to their customers. Based on their feedback& needs, our team develops customized events &launches customer projects. Our state-of-the-art Expert Seminars, Workshops & Webinars include case studies & exercises. Our events attract high-ranking experts and speakers and attendees form Europe and all over the world.

imagesThe Team of cube2success Global helps Entrepreneurs to turn their ideas to a company, their Brands to a Success, their Visions to a Strategy & Profit. Startup: We support our customers from the first Business idea until the formal foundation of their company. Fundraising: We support you in raising your Business Capital through our “private equity & venture capital” partners. Business Development: We offer qualified support concerning strategic & operational management&development of national & international marketing & sales strategies for early & late stage companies.

Why We are Best


You share with us your ideas & we share with you our TOP solutions, applications & results, fitting your needs… in the areas of digital growth, transformation & innovation, Modern & Viral Marketing, training, startup& Business Development.


At cube2success we have excellent staff & partners working in Switzerland & all over the world as our customers are locally or internationally operating. In our team of internationally trusted &recognized experts (Start-up managers, Social Media & Digital Marketing specialist, Brand and Campaign experts, lawyers etc., speaking English, German, French & Greek) we are able to offer you the best possible customized solutions fitting your needs.


Our team of experts is available to support you along the whole project cycle and in the roll-out & sustain phase for development, marketing and management projects. Additionally, we support you with specific trainings, workshops & webinars.

Building & Managing Your Amazing & Successful Online, Digital & Social Media Presence

Boosting your Brand & Business Profit With our Internet Modern Marketing Solutions

Social Media, Digital Marketing & Community ManagementPower Up Social Media, Community Management & Digital Life Success
Startups, Business Developement & Fundraising
Brand & Authority BuildingEstablish your Identity, Brand & Authority Building with our Effective & Customised Solutions & Management

Web Development & SEODeveloping Amazing & Customized Sites & Reaching the Top of the Search Engines
Online & Social Media CampaignsConquer World Biggest Social Media Networks as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram & others With our Ads Campaign
Video Creation & Viral MarketingVideos for WEBsites & Marketing Campaigns & Brand-Boosting with Viral Marketing & Videos

Our Events

cube2success Global organizes a number of TOP Business Events, Workshops & Seminars and participates in Local & International Exhibitions and Events.

Our events are covering the areas of Digital & Cloud Business, Online Marketing & Campaigns, Modern Marketing, Brand Management, Startups, Business Development and Fundraising.
Our events attract high-ranking experts as speakers, and attendees from Europe and all over the world.

Cloudfest WHD World Hosting Days 2019 Exhibition Networking


Cloudfest WHD World Hosting Days 2019 Exhibition Networking
The WHD. Global   March 23 – 29, 2019
The WHD. Global is the best Hosting and
Computing Cloud Exhibition
and Event ever!!!

This year is – March 23 – 29, 2019
in Rust  EUROPA-PARK  Germany
More than 150 exhibitors & media partners and more than 8000 visitors every year made the largest and most successful WHD event ever. Hence, 2019 will again be a must attend event for the international hosting scene and Digital Business.
This year cube2succes Global will participate again to this
amazing business Event as we participated the last 9 years too.