10 Surprising Social Media Facts [Infographic]

10 Surprising Social Media Facts [Infographic]


Social media is extremely popular in today’s world. There is a social media platform for essentially anything you can consider. Need to stay in contact with companions and customers or to run a campaign for your company? There’s Facebook. Need to impart a picture of your fancy food, brand or hobby? Instagram is definitely the app to use. Need to get connected with your associates, to find future customers or to boost your business network? Make proper acquaintance with Linkedin. On the other hand, social media is not just an extraordinary platform for social interactions: its perfect for digital marketing, business implementations and there’s a plenty of social media facts gliding around the Internet. On account of Fast Company, I have joined an arrangement of ten key realities you ought to remember when utilizing social media to market your business. We present them with an infographic from Mainstreethost.com:


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  1. Yah, I know. I gotta start linking my Twitter and Facebook.I just don’t like Facebook. I find LinkedIn much easier to understand and use. Much more grown-up.Am I the only one?


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