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7 TOP Habits of the Super Successful

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Is self development important to you?

I remember the first time it became very important to me when I was 12 years old and I saw Tony Robbins speaking for first time. I wanted to help people like him.

Over the past 4 years I’ve committed to interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs, authors, celebrities, coaches and other multimillionaires to find out what separates them, these super achievers, from the everyday “Average People”

And then I discover that a full 90 percent of the interviewers owe their success to actions that we call “habits.”

So I decided to go a little deeper & find out more from this new discovery.

I started asking each high achiever what their daily habits are that keep them on TOP. Then I analysed their answers & break them down into these 7 TOP habits:

1. Write Your “To-Do List,” the Night Before or at least Early in the Morning

The high achievers would write their “to-do’s” every evening before bed-time so they were prepared for the following day.

Prioritizing your “To-Do” list is the key to your Productivity Success.

Action step: The super-successful people make it a habit numbering their “to-do lists” and you can do this too, by simply ordering the “Most Important” first with a BIG Number 1 or a Star next to this Activity. This is the task to be done first thing in the morning.

They follow with the rest tasks having the numbers 2,3,4 etc, based on the importance as they work their way down the list.

2. The Mind, Body & Soul Habit

90% of the super-successful people practice some form of health focused activity or physical concentration time at some point in their day.

Meditation or yoga seems to be a popular habit on the rise between the highly wealthy & successful .

Action step: Here are some of the most common practices listed below:

05 – 10 Minutes* – Breathing Exercises
15 – 20 Minutes* – Meditation
20 – 30 Minutes* – Eating Healthy
20 – 60 Minutes* – Exercise (The Gym, Skipping, Running, Swimming, Cycling, Yoga)

*Time on average

3. Visualization & Goal-Setting

95%  of the successful achievers practice writing down their goals, plans, or vision for success on a regular basis.

They usually practice this first thing in the morning to set their intentions and to prime their mental state to prepare them for a day of challenges on the road to success.

Action step:
– Stretch for more than you can reach.

– Make everything measurable.

– Get agreements from your team & supporters.

– Record your progress.

– And the most important. Set time limits.

4. Positive & Gratitude Self Talk

Being grateful & focusing on the positive seems to be a common priority in the lives of the TOP successful entrepreneurs.

Something truly amazing that the best-selling author and neuroscientist Joe Dispenza says:
“If you’re saying affirmations like, ‘I am abundant, I am unstoppable, I am wonderful,’ but your emotional state is in fear, then your body is in opposition.

Thoughts are the lingo of the brain & feelings are the language of the body.

If a person feels gratitude, and has practiced it over & over authentically and says affirmations like, ‘I am wonderful, I am unstoppable, I am incredible’ etc.… and it aligns with their autonomic nervous system then this is where the real power comes into play.”

Gratitude is powerful, & a lot of people in our time are catching on to this.

Actions step: Practice 3 gratitude actions a day between you & a friend or partner, or just by yourself  or whatever helps you to stick to this positive habit.

But….here’s the key with sharing your gratitude: You have to justify why you are grateful! This specification strengthens the affect of this TOP habit. So when you say your gratitude, do it this way-> Example: “I am grateful for having my partner in my life because, he/she always encourages me & supports me to follow my dreams no matter what.” This reminds you  the “WHY” & has a deeper affect “IN YOU” than just a surface level statement.

5. Continuous Self Development

The Super-TOP successful People focus heavily on reading practical books, learning new skills, and listening or watching podcasts, interviews & informational courses.

The best selling author & leadership coach Simon Sinek, says:
“My work is never complete, we wake up with a hunger to learn, and no one is ever truly an expert. Anyone who says, ‘I’m an expert at anything’ has closed his mind to the idea that he might not knows everything.

There’s always more to learn. I’ve never considered myself an expert. I’m always a student of leadership. All the work is never totally perfect & all the learning is continuous.”

Action Step: If you can read 15-25 full pages a day, or even listen to an hour-long audio/podcast, that almost equals more than 40+ books in one year of new knowledge.

6. Networking

The best achievers know & live by the saying, “Your network determines your Net Worth.”

They have the habit of “building new bridges”, collaborating, attending social events, helping others, getting back to people and being people of their word.

Action Step: Make it a habit making one catch up/follow up a day or to meet at least one new person a day.

7. Accountability Sessions & Meetings

The seventh habit that is highly practiced by the really successful people is holding accountability calls each week and/or a coffee catch up with a Mentor or Business Partner to hold each other accountable.

Action Step: Find somebody who is on a similar level to you in life or higher & make a commitment between you & your accountability partner… to hold a catch-up call or meeting once a week. In these meetings or calls you can both share your achievements, new goals or even struggles, and what you have learned from the previous week.

This is a great way to stay motivated, knowing that you will have to tell the truth to your accountability buddy if you haven’t been sticking to your habits & goals.

As you can see there isn’t just one key habit that plays it’s part in the life of a successful high achiever. Many daily actions are in play and makes the difference.

Recommendation: If you are new to these habits start with two to three habits  & make them easy. Just know: Naturally this will feel uncomfortable to you until you can set it as a hard wired habit in your unconscious.

The key is to commit to at least 2 to 3 months of continuous implementation as your body adjusts to the new life you are creating & the habits you are conditioning.

Enjoy the process and make sure you throw in some fun habits, that focus on your mind body and soul. And don’t forget! Balance is the key staying sane during this process.


Elena Petraki CEO online2win Global




Elena Petraki CEO online2win Global

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