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The Best Facebook Business Marketing Strategies

By admin / August 14, 2018 /

Hit and Run Strategy Hit and run commenting is a strategy that is commonly used by people looking to market their Facebook Pages or their own Websites and Business. The idea is that you go to a Facebook page or group, leaving a link to your page or website and then leave. This basic principle…

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The 3 Forces That Will Pre-Sell Your Products for You

By admin / April 10, 2015 /

How to Gain the ‘X’ Factor That Attracts Affluent Customers In this short Report, Mrs. Eleni Petraki CEO online2win Global tells you exactly how you can find the target markets you’re seeking. When the time comes to connect with your target Market, here’s the TOP winning formula: You have to decide exactly who you want…

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Speak Up for Your Business

By admin / April 10, 2015 /

One of the 10 Best Marketing Ideas of the Month Close more deals and increase your Revenue with our four monthly sales and marketing newsletters. online2win Global In our today digital world & more than ever, customers buy into the People & like your Ideas (Brand) behind a company or specific product. Your vision, expertise, experiences,…

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AdWords Campaigns: How to Lower Your CPA (Cost Per Action)

By admin / January 19, 2015 /

Cost per action, or CPA – or cost per acquisition – is a metric that measures how much your business pays in order to attain a conversion (complete purchase or sign-up action). Generally, your CPA will be higher than your CPC (cost per click) from PPC (Pay Per Click Campaigns), because not everyone who clicks your…

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Using Empowering Language

By admin / December 30, 2014 /

Using Power-Language to Empower & Motivate Yourself       AUTHOR: ELENI PETRAKI  CEO online2win “International Business Solutions & Digital Life 4 Business Expert”         Using Empowering Language The power of the spoken word…       Your power lies in your word… which words are you using? Language is about more…

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Advantages Of Online Marketing

By admin / November 6, 2014 /

Advantages Of Online Marketing Internet marketing, as a career, often allows you to work from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world that has a connection to the Internet. The most appealing aspect of internet marketing is that you can take an idea that you have and experiment with it without spending…

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Marketing An Online Business

By admin / November 5, 2014 /

Marketing An Online Business A beauty of having an online business is the many opportunities you have which may not be available offline. One of these possibilities is in the area of marketing. You can promote your business from your website. How, you might ask? By developing a forum or discussion board. On this discussion…

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Online Video Marketing News

By admin / November 1, 2014 /

Online Video Marketing News Online video marketing is becoming a popular venue for people to pitch their products and business opportunities. Our lives are becoming more hectic and we are the masters of multi-tasking. So, if you want to get the attention of the general public, you need to be fast. And, if you want…

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Online Marketing on a Budget

By admin / October 31, 2014 /

Online Marketing on a Budget Billions of dollars are spent on marketing goods and services online each year.  But those billions are largely reserved for big, well established companies.  Small start ups cannot afford to indulge in many forms of online advertising. Marketing on a budget still needs to be approached in the same way…

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