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Digital Marketing Clash Between Google And Facebook

Digital Marketing Clash Between Google And Facebook

The digital titans have finally clashed, with Google and Facebook both trying to invade each other’s territory of display advertising and social networking, respectively. The large number of people signing-up for Facebook accounts has led to the growth of their digital marketing ad network. On the other hand, Google’s imminent launch of Google Plus, their new social networking platform, has given Facebook executives something to worry about.

Some features of Google Plus, like +Circles and Hangouts, have intrigued digital marketing watchers in the industry. Facebook responded to Google’s proposed Hangouts feature (a video chat app), by announcing a partnership with Skype. This partnership will enable Facebook users to video chat with their friends, using Skype’s video chat platform. However, such announcements are not likely to do much to prevent users who are bent on switching to Google Plus, from doing so.

According to various digital marketing research groups, it has been noticed that users form a continuous circle between Google and Facebook. They most often begin by running a search, and then check Facebook for more company information, reviews and user opinions. When they feel that they have tapped all available information on social networks, they return to Google to look for more data.

Most people, who run a search for something on Google, wish to go through a discovery phase during which they gather deep and rich info. For example, someone who wants to purchase a family SUV will first identify a few models, before asking friends about their opinions on their choices. After getting some answers, the searcher may want to conduct additional digital marketing research, before actually deciding to make a purchase.

On Facebook, the process of reaching a buying decision is different. The searcher would merely have to post a message on their wall saying that they are looking for a ‘new family SUV’, and they would get a host of recommendations from their friends, brands and third parties. They will also be able to view digital marketing data about how many people have ‘liked’ a particular brand/model, as well as read opinions about which digital marketing brands are worth further consideration.

Digital marketing companies are always weighing the value of Facebook fans, against paid search on Google. Most brands usually select the marketing platform that balances content with intent better. In most cases, this is Google.

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