Email Packs vs Hot Social Media as Digital Marketing Power (Infographic)

Email Packs vs Hot Social Media as Digital Marketing Power (Infographic)


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There’s non-stop buzz about social media in all its structures: How to boost your followers, how to use it and many other discutions. While social media might be very valuable, email is still a web marketing force.

Very nearly 50% of Internet users in the U.s. and Europe spend more than one hour per day reading their email, asĀ inform us after their researches. We additionally check our email multiple times during the day.

Thus, gathering customer email addresses and making amazing killer messages sould be the priority “one” for your startup marketing promotions.

Gmail is the most well known email service, with 59 % of Internet users. Most Internet users have more than one email account. Yahoo came in as the second most popular email alternative and just 12 % of Internet users still have an AOL account.

Look at the infographic (beneath) for more details on when, where and how Internet users are collaborating with their inboxes.



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