What Makes the Best Logos So Good

What Makes the Best Logos So Good


A company’s Logo is its shorthand, a visual cue that tells a story of the brand’s culture, behavior, and values.

“Because a logo may only have a second to tell this story, creating one, can sometimes be the most difficult aspect of branding” explain Su Mathews Hale a senior partner at the New York brand-strategy and design firm Lippincott (one of her project is the LOGO of Walmart,  Ebay, Hyatt, Starbucks,  and she likes the Logos of NBC, FedEx,Google and Apple) .

Every day consumers are confronted with countless logos, mostly unaware of how these icons are constantly transmitting a slew of messages aimed at the subconscious.

The reasons make these famous Logos so good are:

– Logos used to have to be recognizable down to the size that they would be represented on a business card. Now they have also to work at much smaller sizes, because they’ll be seen on mobile screens.

– A logo also needs to adapt to the changing direction of the company it represents.

– The timeless nature of the logos which seem like they could have been designed yesterday.

– The best Images are these that have surprises in them, and the arrow formed by the “E” and “x” in FedEx is one of the best-known hidden designs.

– A Logo has to be iconic enough to stand on its own.

– The Logo it’s good to be “modern and approachable” and also to be “to be steadfast and disciplined” as  for example the Hyatt  Logo which combines the circles with the square and the hidden “H”  too.

– A logo has to be “more grounded” and better suited for a company that takes business seriously, like the new Ebay Logo.

– An image of a Logo has to evoked modernity and trustworthiness , for example the new Walmart Logo.


In cube2success we believe also a logo needs to be “true,” in the sense that it should not be fundamentally tied to a trend, the “new.” The trendiness is more appropriate in supporting elements of branding, like store experiences or website interfaces. That said, a logo should be fundamentally sound but also be adaptable to the ways it will be presented.







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  1. Well, first off, I have all three of these things ceorevd mostly. I have a feeling this may come across as me being entirely too absorbed in myself so I’ll say off the bat that that is certainly not what I’m going for! The picture I have of myself on my website was one I snapped in my bathroom of all places and I am looking away from the camera so no eye contact. I’m wondering how big a deal this really is? My brand is all about empowering women to see themselves as beautiful and to be confident in who they are and love themselves as they are. I used to have a professional quality image of myself on my site but I got backlash in the form of, It’s easy for her to say that all women are beautiful and spout off about being confident because she looks like a model. (I did in fact, model in my younger years.) I don’t say that AT ALL to puff myself up but after those comments came in, I took down the pro pic and just stuck up the bathroom snapshot because I didn’t want women to be distracted by it or think that I couldn’t relate to them. Does that make sense? I mean, if anyone wanted I suppose they could just look me up on Facebook and find a better picture Do you think taking down the better photo was a bad idea? I haven’t done any marketing in over six months because I’ve been taking some time off while my hubby goes through some intense Army training, but now that I’m getting back into the swing of things, I want to make sure that I’m putting my best (as in most client appealing) foot forward. Thanks. []Jenika Reply:August 3rd, 2012 at 1:23 pmHi Lea,I just peeked at your site, I think the photo you’re talking about is on the Invest in Lea page? If so it doesn’t look like it’s done in the bathroom (you can’t see the mirror or other bathroomy stuff it’s a plain background). Other than the near-universal truth that you shouldn’t have a toilet in your photo , the substance of the photo (eye gaze, etc) is completely a brand decision. It sounds like you’ve thought yours through.[] Reply:August 3rd, 2012 at 6:31 pmThanks for the reassurance. Frankly, I’m a little nervous about delving back into marketing and I am probably paying way more attention to little things than my clients will. []



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