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Online marketing success principles

Online marketing success principles

Successful individuals in business and the arts all have one thing in common: they practice the fundamentals. The broadcaster Alistair Cook recalled a story of the famous jazz pianist Earl Hines who spent two or three hours every morning practicing just to keep the finger loose.

While I make no claim to be a marketing equivalent of Earl Hines I would like to share with you 3 basic success principles of marketing that can build a solid foundation for all your future marketing efforts. By following these core principles you will always achieve success, regardless of your product, budget, target audience or choice of marketing media.

Success Principle One – Start with a Clear Set of Objectives

Just as an archer cannot hit a target he doesn’t see, so too are we prevented from achieving marketing objectives we have not thought through and quantified. Master Marketers can always tell you their objectives because they know that marketing Programmes without objectives are rarely successful.

Success Principle Two – Make Identification of Your Prospects a Top Priority.

It may sound simplistic, but you only need to ask yourself two questions to start identifying your market. First, who are the people most likely to do business with me (buy my product, use my services, join my organization or donate to my cause)? Second, who are the people who are least likely to do business with me?

Although these questions seem easy, coming up with the answers is not. Identifying your target audience can be a tricky proposition. Knowing only the rough parameters of your market universe is not enough. I don’t know how many times I’ve asked a new client to define his prospect base only to be answered, “The Fortune 500.” When you hear this often enough you know you are going to have a big much deeper to get a realistic picture of the true market.

Success Principle Three – Build Your Marketing Programs around a BIG IDEA

We’ve all heard the Better Mousetrap Theory – “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” Or as Lee Iacocca put it, “When the product is right, you don’t have to be a great marketer.” While both statements are well intentioned, they are wrong.

The truth is, even a great product has to be marketed properly to succeed. Cream may always rise to the top but products and companies must be pushed to the top. And the best way of pushing a product to the top is through the development of a BIG IDEA. Your BIG IDEA is that competitive point-of-difference. It is the value-added extra that makes what you offer unique and better than your competitors.

As they say in Alaska, unless you’re the lead sled dog, the view is always the same. So develop your BIG IDEA and change your view for the better.

Building a successful marketing campaign, require utilizing, workable principles, which have been tested and proven by marketing Experts.

Jibril Ellams, is an Engineer, a renowned marketer, and Sports agent, he has taken time to come up with proven and workable theories, to assist every one succeed in making money online. Visit my Online Business school, to get first class information on how to start a profitable home business.  and how to succeed in your marketing campaigns.


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