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  1. Help! I installed the hetead platform kit from Makerbot but am not able to get either a temp reading or a response from the MSOFET. I updated the motherboard firmware to 1.6 and the extruder board to 1.8, using the Windows version of ReplicatorG, so I am able to select the hetead build platform driver and do see the control panel entries for the build platform temps.The temp reads at 112, regardless of whether the thermistor is pluggedin or not. I checked the polarity of the pins (since there is anelectrolytic cap) and they are correct. I checked the resistance ofthe thermistor and (once the cap settles) it is 100K. Furthermore, I am able to heat the platform using the C MOSFETs and the fan control. When I do that, the thermistor resistance drops appropriately. The pins on the board seem fine too, as the top pin shows ground, the middle pin has Vcc and there is about +0.5 V at A6 when it is otherwise open.It seems that the problem is that the software is not monitoring A6,since putting a resistor bridge of 100K between GND and A6 with the4.7K resistor between Vcc and A6 produces no change in the controlpanel reading of 112. Suggestions?


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