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The 3 Forces That Will Pre-Sell Your Products for You

How to Gain the ‘X’ Factor That Attracts Affluent Customers

In this short Report, Mrs. Eleni Petraki CEO online2win Global tells you exactly how you can find the target markets you’re seeking.

When the time comes to connect with your target Market, here’s the TOP winning formula:

  1. You have to decide exactly who you want as a Customer—
    That means depending on the level of income, overall affluence, net worth, lifestyle & ambitions, interests, aspirations & attitudes about spending you want them to have.
  2. Be sure you’ve TOP Services OR/AND Products, a Business, its Positioning—everything providing VALUE—for that Customer & Consumer.
  3. Go to those Consumers wherever they are.

The 3rd point is short and snappy, but it’s often far beyond most business owners’ understanding. Most business owners act as if they’re trees with deep roots, at the mercy of whatever favourable or unfavourable Environment exists & changes around them. We know that today, consumers, especially affluent customers can be identified, can be found, can be effectively communicated with, can be attracted, & sold to at any distance, far or near.

Today the fact is that the affluent customers are willing to conduct business at a distance, travel to places in order to get exactly what they want and what they believe to be the best of a category or import from afar.

How to find these affluent consumers? For beginners, there are many people who’ve already gone to a great deal of trouble to spy on them, monitor their buying behaviour, dig up data on them, & compile lists of them sorted by their interests & passions, by the frequency of their spending in a category, by their level of affluence, as well as by gender, age, marital status, ethnicity, home ownership, income ZIP code, & a many of other divisions (in mailing language are called Selects). The world of mailing lists commercially available for rent is an Amazing Place. You can find any kind of group of required prospects, then drill down closer & closer to your ideal predictions within the group by these Selects.

After this and passing through the gateway to the mailing list world, you’ll discover that thousands and thousands of companies have all their lists of past & present customers, cardholders, and subscribers as well as their prospects or inquiries available for rent.

From one or multiple databases, it’s possible for all Marketers to obtain & develop a hit list of ideal prospects. You can drill down with incredible specificity to identify & reach out only to people perfectly, precisely, and multi data-point matched with your current customer, ideal Customer & Consumer, or Product or Service offer. And you should.

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Elena Petraki CEO online2win Global


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