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The Best Facebook Business Marketing Strategies

Hit and Run Strategy

Hit and run commenting is a strategy that is commonly used by people looking to market their Facebook Pages or their own Websites and Business. The idea is that you go to a Facebook page or group, leaving a link to your page or website and then leave. This basic principle is a tried and tested method for driving traffic, but it can definitely be improved upon.

One way in which you can adapt and expand this strategy is to try and improve the quality of your comment or post. If we consider a Facebook group dedicated to those interested in Golf Playing, they are more likely to respond positively to a post related to Golf than someone simply dropping a Company or eShop link.
Therefore, it’s highly suggested that you try and find groups which are related to your Business, Page or Website. Not only does this increase your chance of the post not being deleted, it also means that the traffic that you drive will be better targeted to your business, product or service.

One method that you can use to try and reduce the likelihood of your posts being deleted is to appear as someone who is new to the topic. If we consider the Golf Players example, it would be better to enter the group and post a message saying that you’re new to the Sport and Hobby and have been looking at a Golf product/Item (link to your product). This way you can include a link without it being spammy and group members are less likely to react negatively because you appear as a newbie who is just looking for advice.

It may get to the point where you have exhausted all the hit and run targets in your niche. In this case you have a few options to explore.

First of all, you can create a different Facebook account with a new persona, avatar and posts or from a second existing Facebook page of yours and revisit the same targets. Secondly, you could choose to branch out to less related targets and thirdly you can choose another angle and point of view.

To help explain how you can choose another angle instead of straight up commenting on the group we will continue with a previous example.

So, once you’ve received some advice about the product that you’re looking at, you could choose after this to comment further on the post. Replying to the people who commented will drive the post back up the group members’ newsfeed and may lead to people clicking on your link again. Alternatively, you could come back to the group and give a review of the product that you were looking at, of course with a link to your website again!

Other Top Tips for driving traffic from Facebook to your Business Site, Products and Services
Just like any other platform, if you want to drive more traffic from Facebook, then you first need to have an understanding of the people that use this Social Media Platform.

Have in mind that Facebook is a social media, people are on there to socialize and look at pictures of cats, dogs, nature and even Jokes and not to buy your services, products and may be weight loss pills! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t sell a weight loss product through Facebook. You just need to think of your audiences’ current mindset and see how you can spin your link to appeal to them.

1. First Tip: That is our first tip. Make sure that the link you are sharing with your Facebook fans is relevant to them at the time they are on Facebook. So instead of going for the direct sell you might choose to share some funny content instead, something to get them onto your site where you can sell to them or collect their email addresses to sell to them later. Timing is everything with this kind of marketing and you need to give them what they want now so that you can make them your customers later!

2. Second Tip: Make sure that your headline is an “absolutely killer”. A lot of Facebook users not only click through purely based on the title (headline) that you use in your post, but also share and like it before even clicking through. Studies have shown that the title that you use, makes a much bigger difference to whether people will click your link than the text surrounding the link. To create a good title, you might want to take a look at the kind of things that Buzzfeed uses, they have got title creation and click baiting down to an art!

3. Third Tip: The most important factor when it comes to driving traffic from a post is the image that you use in your post. Make sure than the image is attractive but also relevant to the link that you are posting, this is because deceiving your audience can cause negative reactions.

4. Last Tip for Today: At last, you can go onto large pages and drop links in the comments as we mentioned in the beginning of this article. This might seem spammy but as long as the content that you are posting is related to the page your commenting on there is usually little backlash. The smarter and subtler you can be with this kind of linking the better. What about just dropping the brand name so that people have to search for it themselves? Or a video? Use your imagination without spamming.

Now you have some tips to start with your Facebook and using it as traffic recourse for your business site and your products and services.


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