The Team


cube2success  Global Vision is to create & manage Digital Value and Success for You and your Company & drive your Brand and Revenue to the TOP.


It is time to lift your Business onto the next digital level!!!

Our Mission is to deliver added value to your company & brands in the areas of Modern Marketing, Business Development and Training. We contribute to lowering your Marketing & Campaigns cost & raising your revenue.


At cube2success Global, we have experienced staff & partners, working in Switzerland and other countries, as our clients are national & international.

Our team of international trusted experts (Start-up managers, Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialists, Managers, Brand and Campaign Experts, Lawyers  etc.) is familiar with the start-ups rules, digital business environments and people mentalities of many countries all over the world.
Our experts also speak many languages such as English German French and Greek and they are able to offer our clients the best possible customized solutions fitting their needs.

We are always glad to meet you and introduce you our services and also help you meet your goals,  grow your revenue & profit  and make your Company successful with a amazing Online Authority.

You can also rely on our comprehensive knowledge of Swiss and EU law and complete confidentiality.

In addition to all these above, our team brings  fundamental knowledge  and huge experience and expertise on all our Services. That’s why we can offer solutions, customised to every Business Sector and Customer we represent.

The cube2success  Global Team has also a long lasting national and international experience in various business sectors.

Our business sectors are:

  • IT
  • Industry
  • Consulting
  • Financial sector
  • Legal
  • Insurances.
  • Telecommunications
  • Entrepreneurship

The basic Languages we speak are:

  • English
  • German
  • Greek
  • French


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