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What about Social Media & Branding for B2B or B2C?


What about Social Media & Branding for B2B or B2C?


In the past, there’s been a huge divide between how B2B & B2C Traditional Marketing operated.

The Business to Business (B2B), often called Enterprise Marketing, was about offering information in details that really educated buyers on the benefits and features of the product, using business language & professional style, with also direct & highly targeted ad sales.

The Business to Customer (B2C), often called Consumer Marketing, was about capturing people’s attention, sometimes with “crazy” or unique & quickly special ads (Gimmick Adds), creating a positive & fun emotional relationship with the Brand . That’s why when the people saw the product in shops, or while out & about, or were shopping online (also to buy services like online training etc.), they’d bring to mind that positive feeling & make the purchase. They  also used (B2C Marketing) broad content, since customers often came from different background and had diverse uses for the products.


In our days, a number of Trends has started to change this simple & segmented approach to Marketing. B2B marketers are starting to do more exciting & emotional Brand building while B2C marketers, facing a cleverer and more “eagle-eyed” public, are creating Marketing Content that’s more “professional” & educational.

Social Media is Blurring the Lines between B2B & B2C

From the Social Media Examiner’s new report  (page 28), we see that only the most preferred social network for their B2B & B2C Brand Marketing differs.

online2win-social-media-marketing-brand-marketing-b2b (1)

For B2B, it is LinkedIn and for B2C, Facebook. But what’s more impressive is that a significant amount of B2B marketers favour Facebook & Twitter too, and a huge number of B2C marketers bring  LinkedIn & Twitter at the top of their preferred Social Media Platforms.

But beyond just an overlap in Companies & Brands Marketing Channels, there’s also an overlap in the type of Content that B2B & B2C “modern” Marketers are creating and implementing.



There are three key approaches to begin captivating with online networking: tune in, test, and develop.

  1. Tune in
A discussion about your organization is as of now occurring on the Web. Contribute the time and cash to discover what’s being said and see how that may be affecting others. The experts team of online2win Global positions Brands focused around how they score against components, for example, the proportion of positive to negative references, number of remarkable people referencing your Brand, and the probability that people discussing your Brand will do so over and again.
  1. Test

Don’t put all your wagers on the most recent glossy new social networking item. Captivate with numerous social networking destinations and systems.We create for you a fan page on Facebook for selecting. We also create for You, your Company and Brand a graduated class assemble on Linkedin to impart news, increase include, or produce referrals and interactions. Utilizing Twitter as a method for imparting thoughts, news, events and everything you want about your company & Brand and have customers interactions is a service we are offering too. We start or boost your Google + account, taking part in gatherings important to your subject inside this powerful Networking Platform. Of course we take care of your Pinterest, Instagram and other important Social Media Accounts for your Social Media Marketing and Online Appearance & Authority .

Organizations ought to additionally syndicate their own particular advanced substance by making RSS channels for news, occasions, and employment postings so it could be effectively discovered and imparted by the various other social networking locales. We can help you and support you finding your own way to your Success.

  1. Develop
Attempt to evacuate “push” and “show” from your vocabulary. The favourable circumstances of online networking just come when the members have a genuine part to play and are not simply uninvolved beneficiaries of your corporate key messages. Make inquiries that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the response to, attempt to answer other individuals’ inquiries, post joins from other Individuals and Brands that rouse you, be conversational, be fair, and have a perspective.


Of course you can outsource all these Task to us, to online2win Global experts team.

Our group of  high achieving Managers & Experts in online2win Global can help you assembling your Brand Value. We also reliably show your brand crosswise over social networking systems to help construct distinguishment and engagement.
Don’t hesitate to speak  and examine with us everything about your Brand Creation and your Brand Value Management with Social Media.

Much of this counsel presupposes that you have considered your brand from creation through to the continuous administration of its esteem. This will help you address the inquiry “Does an online networking methodology bode well for my specific business right now?” specifically.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you, inform you and help you find the appropriate solutions fitting your individual business needs.




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